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My Verse: Week 9

Hello!  Here is my verse for this week, Proverbs 31:25-26 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.   I’ve found that when I see the verse in a print–and especially a pretty way–its… Continue Reading →

My Verse: Week 8

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving Week! Here’s the scripture I’ll be thinking about all week: “…by love serve one another” Galations 5:13   I found the cute hand-lettered art here, at Jones Design Company.  I just found this blog, and I am… Continue Reading →

Decluttering Using the KonMari Method

The carpet cleaning technician took one look at our carpets and clicked his tongue disapprovingly.  “Rough, tough, cocoa puff, ”  he said as we stood together and looked at the black outline delineating the traffic pattern around the family room… Continue Reading →

My Verse: Weeks 4 & 5

Hello, Friends! I am checking in with my verses for last week and this coming week. Last week I chose 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and… Continue Reading →

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Happy Halloween!!   And may the odds be ever in your favor. xo,  Effie  

My Verse: Weeks 2 & 3

Never commit to doing something and then go on vacation for 8 days!! Two weeks ago, I said I’d post my verse every week–and then I promptly left for California!  I naively thought I would still post just a short… Continue Reading →

Ponderizing: What’s Your Verse?

It’s been awhile.   Again.   And I think I know why.   Yesterday, while I was in the water closet for exactly 75 seconds of “privacy”, I was interrupted four times by three kids; one kid twice.   Forget… Continue Reading →

Free 8×8 Shutterfly Photo Book

I stayed up waaaay too late last night working on a photo book featuring a family trip we took to the beach a couple of years ago. The good news is, it’s finished, and I can’t wait to see it!!… Continue Reading →

Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

Three years ago, I delivered my fourth baby on a Monday evening, brought her home from the hospital on Wednesday, signed on our new home on Thursday and moved to the new house on Friday.  Everything was thrown in drawers… Continue Reading →

Recharging After Summer

Hi.  It’s been awhile and I’ve missed you!   We had a rollercoaster summer packed to the brim, and mid-August, I was lamenting that school would soon be starting because we were having such a blast, and I wasn’t ready… Continue Reading →

That’s How You Burn the House Down

This morning I burst out of my back gate onto the front drive like a greyhound out of its starting box, just as three men in the front cab of a lawn-care truck drove by. “That way!” called the driver,… Continue Reading →

Four Steps to a Stronger Marriage

“Now what?”  he asked.  “Do we just get up every morning and go to work for the next 40 years?” It was late 2003.  We were early twenty-somethings with 8.5 months of marriage experience.  My husband had just graduated from… Continue Reading →

Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

I finished organizing my pantry a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to say that it is still working like a champ!!  I love the sense of order it brings to the kitchen–especially at meal-prep time.  There are a… Continue Reading →

Superhero Girls’ Camp Skit

I mentioned here that you might get a little bit of everything on my little blog, depending on what is going on over here in REAL LIFE!!   And today, it’s a little piece of random   I didn’t post at all last… Continue Reading →

Girl Bedroom ‘Mini Refresh’

I just participated in Jen’s “Wait-No-More” four-week organizing challenge and a few spaces in my home got a whole lotta love–like my pantry, the cupboard with all the kids’ school work from last year and my miscellaneous kitchen utensil drawer.   While I… Continue Reading →

Week 4: Organized Pantry

Well, it’s week four of Jen’s challenge and I saved the best biggest project for last: the pantry.  This took me forever but hopefully it will now be my ‘forever’ solution–one that I can keep up week after week. Here’s what… Continue Reading →

Week 3: Slim Solution for Storing Kids’ Artwork

I’m in the middle of a four-week organizing challenge and its extremely satisfying to bring order to chaotic spots around the house.   Its week three, and originally I planned on tackling the pantry or my recipes, but after last week’s… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Organizing Kids’ Schoolwork

At 3:42 am the other night I woke up in a panic.   In my dream there was a swollen river.  Deep and muddy and, at first glance, deceptively slow moving.  A wide wooden bridge crossed from the parking lot… Continue Reading →

Week 1: Misc Large Kitchen Utensils Organized and Why the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Show Last Night

Our neighbors recently upgraded their family car and say now “they could never go back.” That’s exactly how I feel. About my newly organized kitchen utensil drawer! I didn’t realize what a pain it is to search through the entire… Continue Reading →

Organizing Challenge

Does this happen to you, too?  If you know someone will be checking up on you, you’re just a little more motivated to accomplish your goals?!  I wish this weren’t so true for me, but it is.  Like limiting myself… Continue Reading →

My Positive Parenting Jar

“When you have kids,” my brother-in-law told us, it’s less fun but more joy.”   That was over a decade ago and for most of my parenting tenure, I would argue that having kids is joyful and fun.  Sure, its a different kind of… Continue Reading →

DIY Gold Stripe Painted Vase

Look at this little vase–I LOVE it!     Its square.  It tapers and then widens again at the neck.  The shape is so simple and beautiful. I wanted to do something special with this vase so I rounded up… Continue Reading →

Around the Virtual House

Hello! Today I’m taking care of some site updates I’ve had on a mental list for several weeks. First of all, I updated my “about” page.  It now showcases some of my favorite posts and projects as well as my… Continue Reading →


What if your Child is a Fecal Smearer?

My daughter paints with her poo. Six months ago, I went into my daughter’s room when she had “just woken up” from her nap. Turns out, she hadn’t slept for even one minute. Instead, she spent her quiet time–and it was… Continue Reading →


Today I am… …wearing my hair in a loose and messy knot smack on top of my head.  It’s my way of getting out of washing it until tomorrow and it actually looks pretty cute.  {I did shower.} …coloring this… Continue Reading →

Increasing Curb Appeal: Gorgeous Garage Doors

Almost 3 years ago, we moved into our “dream” home.  We were elated to find a newish home in a desirable location with more space for our growing family.  We were beyond thrilled that this home met 95% of the… Continue Reading →

Creamy Strawberry Smoothie


Labels for Sorting Laundry

Last week I showed you my solution for socks without a mate.  While I was at it, I printed two more labels for my laundry room: I cut them out with a paper trimmer and adhered them to two 10X13… Continue Reading →

A Solution for Single Socks

The socks who mysteriously lose their mate in the wash at my house live in a basket in the laundry room: When the basket reaches overflowing, I finally give in and match the socks so last night, 55 socks found their… Continue Reading →

Recipe for Crepes

We’re still working on my oldest son’s 100+ hour project that is due next week.  He lacks about 11.5 hours to finish so we are in crunch time here on the home front! For part of his project, he is… Continue Reading →

An Organized Drawer for Office Supplies

This is pretty funny.  And ironic.  Or discouraging.  I can’t really decide.  Probably a combination of them all.  Here I am, intent on writing about organization and am now encountering the very thing I detest when I’m not organized:  I… Continue Reading →

A Few Things

Hi there!  Thanks for checking in on me!  My life is so full right now and like I said in this post, I am just trying to enjoy the ride! We did get away for a trip to Colorado for… Continue Reading →

Caring for an Infected Hangnail

Has your child ever had one of these?  Yeah.  Mine neither.  Until this year.  And now we’ve had three!  My kids have decided they enjoy biting their fingernails (and toenails?!?) and then they go at it too aggressively and end… Continue Reading →

Cupcake Tower Birthday Cake

Hello!  Today I’m sharing an easy birthday cake idea.  I first found this on the back of a boxed cake mix years ago and I love both the simplicity and the fun this cake offers. Its so easy! Just prepare… Continue Reading →

Riding the Roller Coaster to Summer

This is my son’s entry in the PTA’s ‘Reflections’ program. He titled it, “Life would be better if people spent more time with nature”–or something like that. I’m ‘a people’ who would like to slow down and spend more time in… Continue Reading →

Follow The Red Brick Bungalow on Pinterest!

Hello!  Today I am excited to announce that The Red Brick Bungalow is on Pinterest! Pinterest is an invaluable tool for virtually ‘bookmarking’ ideas you find online.  There is so much inspiration that the running joke at my house is… Continue Reading →

Repurposing Household Items

I understand why they did it, and still I was beyond sad to see John and Sherry call it quits over at Young House Love. Theirs was one of the few sites I checked in on regularly and I miss their amazing… Continue Reading →

Removing Stains from Baby Clothes

For the last year, I’ve been chucking things my kids have outgrown to the top shelf of a closet but after so long, they were starting to fall right back down at me, so I pulled everything out and began to organize…. Continue Reading →

Dots + Paisley

NOTES:  Banana Republic Factory Tee  ||  Dress Barn Teal Pencil Skirt (old) similar style here  ||  Paisley Scarf:  gift  ||  Old Navy Blush Tote [pink no longer available online-same tote in black/red]  ||  Nude Pumps:  Sam Edelman ‘Okala’  ||  Earrings BR Factory Store… Continue Reading →

Living Room Cabinet Makeover

This cabinet lives in our front room and houses our library books. When I inherited the piece from a friend, it was missing handles, so I added faux crystal knobs to the slider doors so the kids could easily access… Continue Reading →

Parenting Moments

When I have moments like this            I try to remember moments like these A moment of frustration can taint my whole day if I let it, tricking me into thinking how rough life is.  The… Continue Reading →

Beef Stroganoff

For this Beef Stroganoff, I adapted the recipe my mom used to make for dinner when I was growing up. It’s creamy and satisfying–good homestyle cooking at its best! And its simple to put together for a busy weekday meal…. Continue Reading →

Family Prayer

We pray.  And for the last few weeks we’ve added something new:  every night at family prayer, each member of the family says something nice about the person who will be offering the prayer that evening. We are a better… Continue Reading →

Important Update: Book Club

***UPDATE:  I am changing the Book Club Selection for April-June***  I started the Undomestic Goddess (my first Kinsella read) and I was disappointed in the amount of language in just the first few pages.  The book begins with the main… Continue Reading →

Lego Storage

Legos are the greatest invention ever and my kids will play with them for hours–every day for hours–but having them scattered all over the house is a nightmare. So here is our current take on Lego Storage.  It’s not perfect,… Continue Reading →

Crispin: 2015 First Quarter Book Club

Ok, I sat down a few weeks ago to ‘start’ our bookclub book for this quarter and then I loved it; so then I just went ahead and read the entire book in one sitting!! What a fun read.  My son… Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tip: You Can Freeze Milk

If you find milk for $2/gallon instead of $3 or $4, stock up and throw them in your deep freeze! Its so easy.  And its convenient to have a supply of milk on hand if you can’t make it to… Continue Reading →

Patching Jeans

These almost landed in the throw-out pile.  But I couldn’t stand to toss them. Just look at the cute details:       So I tried my hand at patching them. I found another pair of worn-out jeans whose color… Continue Reading →

Weekly Family Meetings

We Hold Weekly Family Meetings to: Review the calendar for the upcoming week Make school lunch choices Give Allowances Review expectations for children/simple training or instruction I keep a running list on my phone for #4 so if I notice… Continue Reading →

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